Ronin Expo 2017 Review

Hey everyone! While we are kicking butt getting ready for Anime Expo (where we'll be selling a ton of amazing hats at the Lolita Collective Exhibitors Booth!), I wanted to give a quick review of our time at Ronin Expo!


We were lucky enough to be apart of Ronin Expo's first year. This little convention was held in the Plaza of the JACCC in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. It was a windy day out, with the sun peaking in and out of the clouds, but under the tents Ronin Expo provided, it was lovely.

We had chosen a table last minute, and ended up right in front of the plaza stage. I was worried it might be a bit too loud to talk to our customers, but the volume was perfect, and the music and dancing was beautiful (shout out to Dance Corps who did an amazing job)!

We set up and hoped for the best! Set up was simple this time around, we were already under a tent, so we didn't bring our pink tent. Instead, we just set up the hats as cute as we could. I think it turned it perfectly!

The convention itself was wonderful! Even just sitting behind our table, I was able to enjoy awesome music, interesting panels, and see amazing cosplays! We met some really wonderful people, and sold some hats to their perfect person. It worked out wonderfully.

Kaye was joining me for the booth this time, and that was such a fun experience too. She normally does a lot of work behind the scenes, so getting to share the day with her and talk about hats was such a lovely time. She even bought us delicious pork katsu burgers from Okomato Kitchen (food truck). They were scrumptious. I recommend you check them out if you ever see their truck!

All in all, it was a really fun convention. For a $15 admission, it was more than worth the price for anyone to come and visit next year. You'll definitely find us vending there again! Ronin Expo has even mentioned that they already booked a date at the JACCC in 2018 - June 9th! So don't miss it.

For a little extra bonus, here's Kaye and I, and an awesome picture with one of our amazing customers who bought the super cute Black Bears Teacup!


And a shout out to Kaye -- Thank you so much for joining me! You really made the day special. Let's do it again!