DragCon Los Angeles 2018 Review


Afternoon Lovelies! Today I wanted to write up a review for DragCon, the most recent convention TourNewSoul attended! This was a very special convention for us. Not only was it our first time visiting DragCon, but it was also our very first exhibitor's booth. We spent months planning out it's design, and all in all it came out exactly as planned!

We wanted our booth to feel like you were stepping into a TourNewSoul boutique. Filled with hats, accessories, and our very newest design the cage skirt, we wanted to convey a feeling of elegance, cuteness and comfort.

We added small plants to give life to our booth, lights to cheer up the space, and a gorgeous full standing mirror. We added the eye-catching backdrop with the frames and floating hats to give an extra touch of magic. ★

I really feel like it was exactly how we had planned for our booth, and I am so happy to say so! We had so many kind individuals approach us and tell us how comfortable the aura was in the booth, how cute it felt, and how they wanted to stay all afternoon with us!

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to give us so many words of encouragement!



Dragcon was an absolute blast! We had a lovely time meeting an entirely new group of people who had never heard of us before!

Before DragCon, we had watched a couple episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race, but never followed it too closely. But as the convention approached, it was time to do some real studying, and we watched every single episode of the show to prepare to meet everyone, and respect the culture behind drag.

It was so much fun to meet these incredible artists in person, each attendee had their own style, viewpoint and artistic spin on their drag. What an amazing experience! Even those not in drag were dressed to the nines for the occasion. We couldn't stop asking everyone for photos, all the attendees were too gorgeous not to!

The main convention was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center South Hall. All the famous queens had photo booths for paid picture-taking, and meet and greets. If you've ever wanted to meet a queen from RuPaul's Drag Race, this was the place to be!

You could even meet Michelle Visage (one of my favorite women on TV) and the one and only RuPaul! In fact, one of our lovely customers met RuPaul who said their TourNewSoul crown was adorable! I couldn't describe how proud I felt to hear that.


There were a multitude of other vendors. A small handful were handmade designs like us, such as J. Katsby Designs, CranieYums, Miss Alphabet and Kitsune Leather (those are all links, check them out. I love all of them!).

Other booths included were makeup counters such as Sugar Pill and Morphe, shoe companies, wig companies and more. It was an interesting mix of large manufacturers and small businesses all blended together. 

All in all, we would never trade our experience here. We met so many incredible individuals, with so much charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent it could make your head spin!

It's no wonder this convention was being blasted all over social media. It's the place to be early May every year, its not hard to see. While we may attend Fanime in lieu of DragCon next year, there is no way we will ever forget this amazing experience!


One of the most incredible highlights of the show for me was meeting my two favorite queens, Trixie Mattel and Ongina! I can't believe I somehow ran into both of them during the show, and they were both so generous as to take a photo with me.

I was even able to chat with Ongina, one of my hat heros, for a bit as she showed me her design from the day before. She was so incredibly kind and charismatic, I felt so lucky to have those couple minutes getting to know her on a personal level.


Have you attended DragCon in the past? Maybe even this year? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below! And let us know if you'd like us to attend this convention again, we are always open to suggestions! ♥ 


Next up we have ANIME EXPO, the biggest convention of the year on our schedule! We will be located at Booth 2031 toward the back. We will post more information both on our instagram and facebook accounts, so keep a look out! 

We are preparing some incredible and completely new designs, so get ready for the most amazing convention of the year! Buy your tickets now to come see us and get these new designs before they sell out!